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Johnny joined Pace Georgia in December 2012. When he arrived at Pace Georgia, he had already been to a few day programs where he regularly had issues. Johnny was known to be verbally abusive, throw rocks at passing cars, and even leave the program unexpectedly. Johnny displayed these behaviors the first year he was here. He frequently believed people were picking on him and when this happened, he would curse and sometimes run out of the program. When

Johnny Williams.jpg

Johnny left program, a staff would follow him down the road and try to redirect him back. Eventually, something started changing for Johnny. He volunteered to work on our job crew, made friends, but more importantly, started showing a self-confidence that he never had. Johnny currently works all of our Pace Georgia job sites and has a monthly shopping outing with his two friends, Gary and Lee. 

More recently, Johnny has volunteered to be the President of our Kiwanis Aktion Club. Johnny leads meetings and volunteers his time and energy for the community. He has done street cleanup, looks forward to feeding people at our local Relay for Life, and has helped organize a card making party to send blank cards to our troops overseas. Johnny is a completely different person from the young man we first met. He is funny, helpful, confident, and happy.


I like it here at Pace Solano. I made cards for soldiers. I like everyone here.

Johnny Williams, Pace Georgia

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