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Pace Fairfield

350 Chadbourne Rd.

Fairfield, CA 94534





Pace Fairfield provides a safe, structured environment where positive and lasting relationships are supported. We provide integrated community activities with classroom learning. Our staff offers our participant’s opportunities to engage in curriculum based classes on educational, recreational, vocational and social learning.


Our participants assist in the planning and organization of field trips and events; and are involved in the self-advocacy program through NBRC.  


Working is an important part of our participant’s lives, therefore; we offer employment opportunities to our participants who want to work and contribute to their personal finances.   Working gives our participants a sense of independence and worth that only seeing a job well done can provide.    


Throughout the year, Pace Fairfield participants and staff enjoy various holiday celebrations, along with monthly program site parties. We enjoy highlighting each participant and staff during their birthday month. Along with the holiday and monthly celebrations, Pace Solano has an agency-wide dance twice a year which our participants enjoy taking part in by deciding a theme, creating décor and decorating the venue. Once the hard work has been completed, the participants can dance the night away!


Pace Fairfield has a full time Nurse on site that provides nursing services to our participants who require additional support. The health and wellness of our participants and staff is very important to us. Through our Health and Wellness classes and competitions we encourage our participants and staff to exercise and eat healthy.  


We encourage families and care providers to participate in planning meetings. We also invite any prospective clients, their families and care providers to stop by and tour our active and exciting program site.  

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