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Pace Solano began transporting participants in 1987 using 3 vans. Today, our fleet consists of 30 vehicles, nearly all equipped to transport wheelchairs and other mobility devices. We have received several grants from the Department of Transportation 5310 Program to acquire wheelchair accessible vehicles, allowing us to better serve those attending our six program sites. The diversity of our fleet enables us to meet the needs of both our ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers.  


Pace Solano Transportation provides daily, set-route, curb-to-curb transportation services to nearly 200 individuals attending our Pace day programs throughout Solano County. In addition, during regular program hours, transportation is available to all individuals attending Pace Solano programs for community activities such as shopping trips, lunch out, educational and recreational activities, as well as, cultural and sporting events. 


Pace Solano works in conjunction with R&D Transportation Services to determine efficient daily routes to meet the transportation needs of our individuals. R&D provides customer service support to Pace Solano families and care providers; in addition to, conducting quality assurance audits to ensure the Pace Solano Fleet is operating safely. 


For information regarding Pace Solano Transportation, please contact Erin Shaidnagle, Transportation Coordinator at (707) 448-4574.


For additional information regarding R&D Transportation Services, please call (800) 966-7114. 

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