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Long term goal: Ensure that people in the community know who we are and what we do.


We have partnered with Vaca Valley Bingo and a multitude of other non-profit agencies to provide bingo games at Vaca Valley Bingo on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings; as well as, Wednesday mornings. The profits from bingo are used to support Pace Solano programs by allowing for program development, facility maintenance and recreational activities for people who participate in our programs.


In order to meet operating costs, Pace must fundraise over $500,000 per year in addition to state funding received. As a result, we began operating bingo games over 20 years ago. With the use of volunteers who work to earn contributions for their non-profit agencies, Pace operates five bingo sessions a week at Vaca Valley Bingo. Volunteers contribute over $200,000 to support youth sports, music, and other charitable organizations each year. Bingo would not exist without the help of these volunteers. 

VacaValleyBingo Logo.png

Vaca Valley Bingo

190 Bella Vista Road

Vacaville, CA 95687

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