Deborah M. McGrew, Psy.-D, BCBA-D, LMFT

McGrew Behavior Intervention Services, Inc.


David Mauger, M.A.

David Mauger has over twenty five years of experience providing services to persons with developmental disabilities, both as a residential provider, and as a Quality Assurance Coordinator with North Bay Regional Center.  This combined experience allows for a grounded and reality based learning experience.  He previously taught DSP 1 and 2, and has developed three classes approved through Community Care Licensing for Continuing Education credit. David, in association with Bluestone Associates, Inc., has taught a variety of courses at Valley Mountain Regional Center and Regional Center of the East Bay.   He created and continues to publish a free email newsletter specific to providing residential services, Care Provider Connections.


This two-hour course teaches a deeper understanding and appreciation for what it means to provide person-center services using a very practical tool (i.e. ourselves). What would be important for a prospective home to know about you, if you were the consumer? This course will highlight how complex we are as individuals, how important our legal rights are, and how to begin using person-centered principles when providing residential services.


This class emphasizes that once we develop services unique to the individuals we serve; there is less dependence on behavior modification programs, because previously unwanted behaviors will naturally decrease. If you would like additional information regarding Person-Centered Services please contact David Mauger directly at