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USARC stood for Upper Solano Association for Retarded Citizens. USARC was started in 1959 by a group of parents in the Fairfield/Vacaville area to provide much needed services for their adult children after they left school.

PACE, which formerly stood for Positive Approach to Consumer Education, was formed in Vallejo in 1983 by Carolyn Dillard to provide day program and work services to adults with developmental disabilities.

USARC and PACE merged into one agency in 1989. USARC was the official name of the corporation, but PACE was the name used by the seven day program sites located throughout Solano County. The name of the corporation was officially changed to Pace Solano in March of 2004.  The agency flourished under Carolyn's direction to become the largest day program vendor in Solano County.

Pace Solano offers individualized services for adults with developmental disabilities aged 22 and older. Services provided by Pace Solano include day program services, employment and transportation. Pace focuses on the individual's goals and dreams and helps them work towards achieving them.

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