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Ashley has been attending Pace Benicia since January 2013 and is a member of the Person Centered Advisory Committee. As a member, Ashley participates in learning skills that help her discover and document what is important to her and how Pace can best support her in leading the life that she wants to live. 
Ashley currently works at several of Pace Benicia’s volunteer and employment contract locations including the Solano Food Bank, Bottom of the 5th, and the Benicia Community Garden. Through using the Person Centered Planning process, staff have learned that

Ashley Galvan.jpg

Ashley would like to work in an office environment, learn to drive a car, and continue working at her current job sites. To support her in her goals, Ashley has been working in the Administrative Office at Pace Benicia answering phones since June 2018. 

When asked about her experience working in the Administrative Office at Pace Benicia, Ashley explained that she was nervous at first, but with the help and support of the Pace Benicia and Person Centered staff, she loves her new job! 


I like coming to Pace because I like doing phones and going out on outings and helping at different jobsites. I like helping with Art Class and looking things up on the computer and going on field trips.

Ashely Galvan, Pace Benicia

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