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Pace Vacaville

848 A Alamo Drive

Vacaville, CA 95688




Pace Vacaville welcomes individuals from all walks of life and advocates for all. Accomplishing goals and developing self-reliance is an ongoing mission at all of our Pace Solano sites, so we actively work to establish individual goals and provide support to each participant in accomplishing them. We provide individuals, with a range of physical capabilities, the support needed to engage in all program-offered activities. 


Pace Vacaville offers a variety of different, exciting classes, such as:

  • Cooking Class: Participants discuss and prepare a variety of different recipes from around the world while using fresh herbs and spices grown on site.

  • Sewing Class: Participants partake in knitting and sewing a variety of items including grocery bags, aprons, blankets, handkerchiefs, etc.

  • Language Class: Participants learn and practice simple words and phrases in English, Spanish, French, and Filipino.  


We LOVE celebrations at Pace Vacaville, which is why we are always celebrating birthdays, holidays, and partaking in friendly competitions (door decorating contests, kite flying contests, costume contests, pie contests, and more)! Many of our participants also have had the opportunity to participate in field trips to places like Every Baking Moment for cake decorating, Anheuser Busch to see the Clydesdale horses, Apple Hill and Cache Creek.

We have two on-site nurses that provide medical support to participants with a variety of health conditions and concerns, who otherwise may not have an opportunity to enjoy a day program. These individuals enjoy activities side-by-side with the other participants attending Pace Vacaville. Together, they all participate in classes, field trips, and other unique community activities. There are also work opportunities available for individuals that would like to earn money.        


It is a genuine pleasure to observe the progress that comes to an individual participant as he or she learns to become more independent. If you are interested in visiting Pace Vacaville and taking a tour, please call ahead for an appointment.

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